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ARA Encyclopedias
1/ What are ARA’s hypermedia encyclopedia?
ARA’s hypermedia encyclopedias groups relevant audiovisual corpuses around specific topics. They are composed of excerpts from interviews, research seminars, special reports by researchers, educators, specialists, experts, or professionals from all over the world.

Encyclopedias published by ARA are constantly evolving. They are “open” and are regularly updated with:

- new content produced by ARA or its partners,
- new subjects in order to cover issues and questions that are not currently addressed or only partially so,

The audiovisual corpuses covering these subjects offer highly diverse content, which is always produced by competent and serious individuals whose scientific, educational, or practical work has earned them recognition. While some content requires having background knowledge, other content can be understood by anyone. And although some content requires a capacity for abstract thinking and scientific reasoning, other content are more concrete and use everyday language.

In this sense, ARA encyclopedias can be precious tools, not only for formal learning and scholarship, but also for independent and personal learning for young audiences as well as adults.

2/ Available Encyclopedias
Currently, the ARA publishing house offers two thematic encyclopedias. Each is updated with new content every month:

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