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ARA�s Knowledge Portals
Globalization and Sustainable Development
Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
People and Cultures of the World
Semiotics, Culture, and Communication
SouthAm: Latin American Media Library
Averroès : la m�diath�que France-Maghreb

Hypermedia Folders
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Comparative Anthropology of Arts and Memory: Ethnography of Kunas Therapeutic Chants
French / English
The Universe of the Huarpe Indians of Guanacache
French / English
African Society: A Look into Policy, Motricity Cultures, and Material Cultures
French / English
Introduction to the Quecha Language and Oral Tradition
French / English
The Village of Bebekan (Java) after the Earthquake of May 2006
"Rumah batu/Rumah batin, "House of Stone/House of Soul"

French / English

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