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ARA Video Library
ARA Video Library
The online video library includes a rich collection of audiovisual resources covering research and education in all disciplines and knowledge areas of the human and social sciences.

In addition to the scientific and educational resources (courses, conferences, seminars, etc.), the video library also includes documentaries, special reports, photos and recordings of socially significant events (social practices, traditions and crafts, artistic exhibitions and performances, and others).

The video library currently has 2585 hours of videos and is constantly growing thanks to the intellectual, financial, and logistical support from ARA’s many friends and partners.

Once users are in ARA’s video library, they have several ways of finding the content they need:
1. by scientific discipline (or sub-discipline)
2. by publication genre (interview, conference, special report, etc.)
3. by video language (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and some rare languages)
4. by author/contributor
5. multi-criteria and multilingual search engine

The video library’s Topic Catalogue lists roughly thirty knowledge areas and/or scientific disciplines. This helps users find only information that is of interest to them.

The video library’s Collections group audiovisual resources into types or genres, such as “interview” (with researcher, educator, professional, etc), “conference,” “seminar,” “special report,” etc.

The Original Videos section organizes the video library’s resources by their original language.

The Authors section lists contributors (from over 70 countries) to the ARA Program in alphabetical order.

The Entire Audiovisual Collection lists all videos in the library in chronological order (date put online)

Advanced Search
The ARA portal offers online audiovisual resources composed of interviews with French and foreign researchers, colloquiums, seminars, but also documentaries, special reports, or other various recordings

You can use the form below to find “your” video(s). Do not forget that you can combine several criteria to refine your search :


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