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Hypermedia Folders
1/ What is a hypermedia folder ?
Hypermedia folders are republications of videos that make up the ARA Portal’s online video library. They are built by taking an original video (researcher interview, seminar, documentary, recording, etc.) and then adapting it to specific uses (education, journalism, for professionals working for associations, NGOs, or international institutions, for example).

Concretely, a hypermedia folder is laid out like a website. It includes a homepage and three main sections:
- “Excerpts” section (includes all video sequences selected for the hypermedia folder);
- “Topics” section (contains all the topics addressed by the selected video sequences);
- “Glossary” (contains all the key terms used in the selected video sequences);
The video sequences that make up a hypermedia folder are often annotated, have comments, and are enhanced with additional informational and/or educational resources in order to ensure that users can reap maximum intellectual benefits.

2/ Folder Genres
Hypermedia folders on the ARA Portal are organized into three large groups:
1. Folders for higher learning that mainly include reading lists for teachers and/or students (undergraduate or graduate). For educators, a reading list is an important educational resource that can be used for courses as a set of video clips, which students can work on in class or at home. For students, reading lists are sources of information that compliment material covered in class. The advantage is that they can be studied at the student’s leisure.

2. Folders for professionals (practitioners or connoisseurs) in a specific field or topic who need specialized and reliable information. They are republications in the form of thematic folders, primarily of interviews with researchers, scientific conferences, or research seminars.

3. Folders on awareness and initiation geared towards adolescents and adults. Republications in this third group have more diverse uses for teaching or informal learning: for introducing adolescents to one specific culture or the history of a people; for enhancing courses or workshops on intercultural communication and mediation; for introducing tourists or other travelers to another cultural universe, etc.

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