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Meet ARA
ARA in a few words
ARA in a few words
The ARA Program was created in 2001 by Peter Stockinger and the Cognitive Semiotics and New Medias Team (ESCoM)1 at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (FMSH, literally "House of the Sciences of Man)2 in Paris.

The ARA Program is composed of an official portal site, several sub-sites, and interactive and multilingual audiovisual documents online that address questions about our world, its history, and its future. Contributors include fieldworkers, artists, decision-makers, experts and specialists, researchers, and teachers working in disciplines related to the social and human sciences: archeology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics, law, political science, language sciences, art and literature, architecture and urban planning, philosophy, religious sciences, and others.

The content in ARA's audiovisual collection is provided by an international community of authors. ARA currently has3216 authors from over 70 countries and these numbers grow monthly. This community ensures that ARA's audiovisual heritage has a marked international dimension.

The number of people and institutions who visit ARA's official portal site is growing daily. As of June 2008, ARA's portal site has already recorded visitors from 135 countries, who are enriching their cultural and scientific knowledge thanks to ARA's:

    1. an international video-library that currently includes some2585 hours of videos in the form of interactive video-books that publish interviews, special reports, courses and conferences, documentaries, recordings of performances and scenes from daily life;

    2. an educational network of thematic audiovisual sites devoted to one specific field of knowledge ;

    3. a library of multimedia and pedagogic folders dedicated for teaching ;

    4. a library of multilingual folders providing translations for users to understand the content of a video even if they do not know the original version.

1 ESCoM's official site: http://www.semionet.com
2 FMSH's official site: http://www.fmsh-paris.fr

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