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The 4 Missions
The 4 Missions
The Audiovisual Research Archives (ARA) Program and its different sub-programs are pursuing the four following missions:

    1/ Collect and build scientific and cultural heritage using audiovisual technologies (filming scientific/cultural events, digitization and editing audiovisual resources, post-production, indexing, compressing and publishing online or on other digitial supports, physically archiving originals).

    2/ Computer processing and cognitive and audiovisual semiotics of ARA's audiovisual and multimedia collections: develop the computer resources and tools needed for the high-quality processing of audiovisual resources as well as other types of multimedia resources (visual, sound, text files) in ARA; creation and management of a formal description language called “description ontologies” (knowledge conveyed through ARA’s audiovisual resources); describing and classifying, enriching, adapting, and translating specific audiovisual corpuses). 

    3/ Publication and/or republication of audiovisual recordings of cultural and scientific heritage as thematic multimedia sites, specific publication genres (interactive video-books, thematic folders with educational value, virtual narratives, etc.), or as products specially adapted a multilingual and multicultural audience. 

    4/ Partnerships with actors that correspond to ARA's approach and vision: collecting and publishing cultural and/or scientific heritage using digital technologies; creating cultural and scientific knowledge networks; knowledge promotion and enhancement; diffusion and long-term conservation of cultural and scientific heritage; help in improving ARA’s approach and implementing its vision. 

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