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Globalization and Sustainable Development
Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
People and Cultures of the World
Semiotics, Culture, and Communication
SouthAm: Latin American Media Library
Averroès : la médiathèque France-Maghreb

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Financial, Scientific, and Technical Support
Financial, Scientific, and Technical Support
Since its beginnings in 2001, ESCoM's ARA Program has received substantial financial and logistical support from the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (FMSH). It is through such support that the FMSH plays its role as an institution that sponsors the ARA Program and all its sub-programs.

ARA's growth has been made possible thanks to very generous donations from two exceptional personnalities, Monique and Charles Morazé. Charles Morazé was the co-founder of the FMSH and his remarkable work on the history of civilizations and scientific thought is covered in detail on a the Charles Morazé site.

The ARA Program has always received scientific, technologic, and financial support from European and French research and development projects. Three projects in particular have made it possible for ARA to rapidly expand its activity of producing and diffusing scientific and cultural knowledge using digital and audiovisual technologies:
    - the French OPALES, SAPHIR Project (financed by the national RIAM Program) and ASA-SHS (ANR)
    - and the European projects: DIVAS, LOGOS (financed under the 6th PCRD, or Framework Program) and CONVERGENCE (7th PCRD).

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