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Bilingual Folders
What is a bilingual folder ?
What is a bilingual folder ?
Most videos in original version are in French, but there are also many original versions in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and others. A few videos even use rare languages like Quechua, or Occitan.

A biilingual folder is based on a hypermedia folder (monolingual) compiled using a video in original version and includes either literal or loose translations. This means that users can access and understand videos filmed in languages with which they are not familiar.

Bilingual folders are useful for any researcher, specialist, or professional curious in learning more about the work and main research themes being addressed in countries using a language different from their own.
They are a great tool for plunging into a foreign linguistic and intellectual culture.

Biilingual folders currently available on the ARA Portal
The ARA portal currently offers the following groups of folders:
Français Français
English English
Italiano Italiano
Russian (Русский) Russian (Русский)
Türkçe Türkçe

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