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Become an ARA Sponsor/Partner
Download the brochure "Become an ARA Sponsor" pdf

By associating your or your company's name with ARA's missions and projects, you become an example of a social sctor aware of the tough challenges facing our contemporary world: local interests versus interests common to all humanity; socio-economic imbalances and the search for new and fairer equilibria; denial of the other and the dialogue between cultures/civilizations; tradition as a source of inspiration and creativity versus tradition as a pretext for isolation and exclusion; challenging old dominant values and the search for new orientations and values; questioning social life as reduced to limitless consumerism and materialism and the search for more imaginative ways of co-existing.

Taking concrete action to support ARA's projects can have a real impact on your company. It promotes your company's image, its activities, products and services, and can be used for your public relations.

The ARA Program currently offers the following types of partnerships:

1/ project partner : partnership where you offer financial support to one specific collection, diffusion, or preservation project;

2/ supporting partner, friendly partner, and privileged partner: three ways of partnering with the ARA Program. These are determined by donation amount;

3/ co-founding partner: exclusive partnership type for a minimum duration of at least three years. Co-founding partners join the FMSH and ESCoM in supporting the entire ARA Program.

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