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How Much?

There is no minimum amount for individual donations.

For companies, foundations, or institutions who would like to promote cultural diversity by supporting ARA, there are two possibilities: Partnerships and Sponsorships. ARA Sponsors make one-time donations whereas ARA Partners offer yearly financial support. It is important to know that all donors have the option of choosing which aspect(s) of the ARA Program they want to finance.

ARA is open to diverse types of partnerships and sponsorships so long as they comply with ARA and the FMSH's ethical charter.

You will find more information on individual donations, sponsorships, or partnershps in the following documents:
pdf "Become an ARA Sponsor"

pdf Ethical Charter Governing Relations between the FMSH/ESCoM and Individual/Collective Donors

pdf Excerpt from law N. 2003-709 from August 1, 2003 regarding sponsorships, associations, and foundations

For any additional information, please contact Elisabeth or Timothy:
Elisabeth de Pablo
Coordinator of the ARA Portal
54, Bd. Raspail – 75006 Paris
Tel. : 00 33 (0)1 49 54 26 30
Email : depablo@msh-paris.fr

Timothy Aaron Priest
Fundraising Coordinator
54, Bd. Raspail – 75006 Paris
Tel. : 00 33 (0)1 49 54 26 30
Email : timothy.priest@msh-paris.fr

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