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Advanced search
Search Results

The search engine makes it quick and easy to find videos according to user selected criteria. There are two types of search results:

- links to filmed events in mini-site format that bring together several videos,

- direct links to video excerpts. These are represented by cameras below the event image.

Search Criteria

There are 5 search criteria that can be used for performing an advanced search:

- Keywords; searches for terms found in the title or description of an event/video excerpt. Each keyword must be separated by a comma, a semi-colon, or a space. Vous pouvez séparer chaque mot clé par une virgule, un point-virgule ou un espace.

- Language; only looks for videos in a specific language.

- Collection; searches interview, colloquium, seminar, special report, etc.

- Author Name; searches for a specific name among all videos. This type of query looks for the exact term entered by the user. First names are not taken into account.

- Research Topic; searches for all portal videos that correspond to a given theme and/or research topic.

You can also layer multiple criteria. In this case, the search will only look for events and/or videos that match all criteria.

Results are returned in order of relevancy with search criteria.

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